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Using mbed sources for product


i was wondering, if i am allowed to use mbed sources under the apache 2.0 license in my own product (lets say LitteFS, FatFS), where i will not be able to open source my product code?

The idea is, i use mbed os for private non-commercial projects and know the os quite well. I would like now to adopt some features in the company i work for. Is there a way to do this (really copying the source file and modify so its running) or is this not allowed and i need to write my own implementation?

thank you

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1 year, 4 months ago.

Yes, you're allowed to do this. The Apache 2.0 is a very permissive license which allows reuse without having to share back modifications to the code, or having to open source every project which uses it (like GPL). Here's the license explained in plain English.

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