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Increasing Memory needs without code change

Hello together,

was there anything changed in the libraries in the last weeks?

For one project i have to fix a lot of code to handle the "mbed::NonCopyable<T>::NonCopyable(const mbed::NonCopyable<T> &) [with T=mbed::I2C]" messages. Especialy in the PCA9685 lib. In the second project i didn't need the I2C. so there where no changes necessary. But the code had few weeks ago around 30 to 40kb. Now it has 64kb. Without any code change. So there is no more space for additional code.

I use the online compiler for a STM F303k8 with 64kb Flash.

The offline compiler couldn't be installed on this computer. This wouldn't be an option.

What was your previous mbed lib version and what mbed-os version are you using now?

posted by Jan Jongboom 12 Jan 2018
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