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NRF52832 as BLE central and max allowed connections?

I have configured BLE module which has an NRF52832 SOC to behave as a BLE central or rather it scans for advertisement packets. Currently it connects to one device and even though I have not explicitly called the stopScan API, no further advertisement packets are received by the BLE central, even though I have two BLE peripheral devices transmitting their respective advertisement packets.

At any given time only one of them gets connected. I had read some documentation on the Nordic site, that central can connect upto 8 peripheral devices? If so am I missing something in the scan API on the BLE central? Any guidance in this matter is greatly appreciated?

Thanks, Ajay.

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After eatch connection, the scanning is immediately off - you need to turn it on again. For current implementation you should been able to connect up to 3 peripherial devices.

Thanks a lot for you response as always Andrzej. Is this an mbed BLE implementation limitation of the number of devices that can connect on NRF52832 or is it something of a Nordic restriction on BLE central devices based on NRF52832?

Thanks, Ajay

posted by Ajay Kashyap 06 Jan 2018