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Mbed forums or Questions

So, there is a Forum section and a Questions section. Compared to the Questions section, the Forum section appears dead (not really, but there is very little activity and many posts go unanswered). Any idea why this is? The delineation is stated to be between single answer questions and discussions (upper right side of screen as I type this), but they both appear to contain the same type of content. I'm guessing the Arm team likes this [question] section better.

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6 years, 1 month ago.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away. Oh wait, it was just on the mbed site, the main mbed page showed all recent forum posts. So someone saw the forum post, or if they missed it they saw a reaction to the forum post, and they would also give their answer.

Now the forum posts are somewhere in a feed between the random forks being made and library updates, so simply no one ever notices forum questions. While questions have their own dedicated feed, so everyone does notice questions passing by.

And mbed source related stuff generally now happens on Github.

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