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Add IBeacon to Eddystone Beacon


I want to add an IBeacon advertising to the " Mbed-ble-EddystoneService " exemple, wich contain URLFrame.cpp, UIDFrame.cpp and TLMFrame.cpp. Soi want to add a raw of Ibeacon " 31B" with their information ( minor, major, tx power ...).

I think i have to add next to (URL,UID,TLM )Frame.cpp another file with IBeacon.cpp name wich contain the information of an Ibeacon but i don't know to proceed.

Thank's for your help.


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Correct, use f.e. TLMFrame as a base (look at the setData function). The switching between frames happens in swapAdvertisementFrame and is driven by the slotStorage structure. So add your adv. type to this array.

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Thank you.

posted by Zakaria AIT BOUALI 18 Jan 2018