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Simulation of mbed-os projects in uVision?

Simulation is a very powerful tool for teaching and experimenting, and I've seen it used successfully for bare-metal programming in Keil uVision. What I've not managed to achieve is to simulate mbed-os projects.

Are there any guidelines for simulating mbed-os using Keil uVision?

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2 years ago.

I'd imagine the simulator does not know how to initialize the board peripherals, and thus gets stuck in startup. Or does not that even work? Unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge on the uVision simulator to solve that, but I assume this involves custom work per board.

That is correct. Hardware initialization is where it gets stuck. Right now, I commute on the bus with a computer on my lap and an mbed board on the seat or dangling on the floor :)

More seriously, simulation is particularly useful when you create offline data (e.g. ADC input data) as input stimulus - this allows for testing under very controlled conditions - great for demonstrating races and deadlocks with students as well.

Trevor Martin uses the simulator in his book, but not with mbed-os of course.

posted by Nicholas Outram 12 Jan 2018