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How Connect Nucleo 411 Board to a JTAG Interface

I have an IAR IDE and I want connect the J-Link (JTAG Connector) to the Nucleo-F411RE Board. Can I do this? If that is possible, is there a description of how to do that? regards Jurgen

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The Nucleo boards have a connector for an external programmer. The programmer should use the SWD (single wire debugger) mode rather than the full JTAG mode. SWD needs 3 wires: SWCLK, SWDIO and GND. Most professional external debuggers (eg Segger) support JTAG as well as SWD. Low cost external debuggers typically only support SWD. You will have to select the SWD mode for your debugger in the settings of your IDE. You will need to disable the onboard STLink programmer by removing the two jumpers on CN2. The external SWD programmer can then be connected to CN4 .

Details may be found in the Nucleo User Manual, chapter 6.2.4 Using ST-LINK/V2-1 to program and debug an external STM32 application.

You may find some more examples by searching for SWD and Nucleo on mbed.

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Thank you very much for your answer. regards jurgen

posted by Juergen Rieger 02 Jan 2018