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Information from mobile assets

You gave a great application example of using LoRa for monitoring moored boats leaking water in Amsterdam.

There is clearly potential for monitoring city-wide transport systems. Would it work for metro systems that are partially underground or would the attenuation of the signal be too much to reach the gateway at street level?

For example, London Underground's deepest station is 32m below sea level.

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Just saw this question. Underground makes things a lot harder, but if you place gateways under ground, and have a path from sensor to gateway (which shouldn't be an issue in a metro tunnel) that'd be fine. You just need a backlink which terminates above ground. Here's some background on how telco's do this for cellular service: https://www.theverge.com/2014/11/21/7260271/how-at-t-brought-cellular-service-to-the-lincoln-tunnel

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Thanks for your reply. Apologies, I hadn't seen it when you first composed it.

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