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Is there a way to set interrupt priorities?

Hi all,

My problem is I need a single interrupt, which is just signalling a high priority thread , to preempt other interrupts (Nested).

Is it possible to set the interrupt priorities to achieve this?

I know so far that all interrupts in mbed have the same priority, but I have so far not found anything that can change this.

I am using the Nucleo ST32f429ZI

Thanks for your help in advance, Dan

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2 years, 6 months ago.

You can STM HAL functions for interrupt priority configuration (e.g. NVIC_PriorityGroupConfig), see the STM32 documentation. Of course this makes the code non-portable to other platforms.

Regardless, are you sure you need nested interrupts?

Accepted Answer

Thanks for your answer Jan.

You're right, I looked up the default scheduler and actually I managed to achieve the same effect using threads.

posted by Dan Nonoo 20 Dec 2017