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Switch the clock source of Timer from 32.768KHz to high speed clock on NRF52 ?

I'm using the SoftSerial and BufferedSoftSerial library on my NRF52 board that I need two serial interface in my project. After trying the above libraries, each the baud rate MAX are 4800 and 2400, and it's far not enough (Between the 9600 to 38400 is better). I think the bottleneck is the clock source 32.768KHz of Timer on NRF52. How can I switch the clock source of Timer to high speed clock on NRF52 ?

It's not a configuration option unfortunately, but clock setup is done in the NRF52 target code. See mbed-os/targets/TARGET_NORDIC/*

posted by Jan Jongboom 15 Dec 2017

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Hi, here's the snippet of the nrf52852's datasheet.


You can find more info on page 228 (22nd chapter Timers). Hope this will help you.

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Thanks your answer ^_^. I just want to know that is there a way to simply switch the clock source of Timer from 32.768K to HCLK like config the "mbed_app.json" or "targets.json". Now, I'm using the Segger RTT to replace the debug serial, I think that is a better way than using a SoftSerial.

posted by Ozzy Chiu 14 Dec 2017