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Hi there,

I just received my ACD52832 and just had a few questions. I see the example codes and they look straight forward enough for me.

However, I am confused as to where the NRF52832 SDK sits. Does MBed OS sit ontop of the NRF52832 platform?

1) What would be the recommended compiler to build the samples with? 2) Can I build the NRF52832 and not use the MBed OS to build on the ACD52832?

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Hi, please see the link below to see details about mbed os stack.

1. You can use the mbed online platform. It uses ARMCC compiler. You can also use Keil with the same compiler but offline (in that case you are restricted to 32k because of the linker). For offline, without restriction, you can also use arm-none-eabi or IAR compiler. Please see the following link for more info:

2. Of course. You can use Nordic's SDK without any mbed (or mbed-os) library. Please see more info on the link below:

Regards, Jurica.

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