3 years, 2 months ago.

Nordic nRF52-DK disconnects from computer when I upload the BIN file

I am attempting to run my first bit of code on my Nordic nRF52-DK and every time I have attempted to upload the code to the board, the board disconnects in the middle of the upload process and then reconnects without the file on it. When I first move the file to the board, the LED is blinking as if it is ready to run code, but then after it disconnects and reconnects, it is no longer blinking, and pressing the reset button does nothing. I explicitly followed the instructions to upgrade the firmware of the device, and I wouldn't think that was a problem anyway since the board recognizes the code file instantly when I upload it as can be seen by the flickering LED. Also, the board will randomly disconnect and reconnect when I am doing other things on my computer. The cable I am using is brand new.

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