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Is the Mbed compiler compatable with the S32K144EVB Evaluation Board


My name is Chuck Neubecker, and I am a Software intern for A123 Systems in Livonia Michigan.

I am new to MBED, but have had previous experience with iot applications with IBM Bluemix and Node Red on a couple of different school projects.

We have a couple of S32K144EVB Evaluation Board from NXP in house and I would prefer to use that microcontroller before I buy another board from the website.

My question is as follows from the title of the question, is the S32K144EVB Evaluation Board compatible with the Mbed compiler?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thanks, Chuck Neubecker

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Chuck -

The simple answer appears to be "no", but others who are more familiar with NXP products might be able to describe modifications to the mbed source to enable you to use use it with the S32K144EVB Evaluation Board.

A simple way the to assess potential mbed compatibility is to check the MCU used on your board against the MCUs on the list of mbed-enabled boards.


The MCU on the S32K144EVB Evaluation Board is an NXP S32K144 series, which has a Cortex-M4F/M0+ core. A quick check of the mbed "boards" page under the "hardware" tab shows one mbed-enabled board that uses this core, but it is not the same MCU family (the NXP LPCXpresso54114 uses an LPC54114 series MCU).

The "Student Projects" page at this link may give you ideas of simple ways to lash up a low-cost mbed-enabled setup for an IoT project.


What features are you looking for: low power, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi, CAN, number of ADC or DAC channels, etc?