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Connecting to Mbed Cloud, or Mbed Connector

During the Hackathon Prep meetup, some volunteers were asking whether the Mbed cloud board can connect to:

- the Mbed Cloud? - the Mbed Connector? - or must they provide their own local server to connect to (as in the example projects on the wiki)?

Question relating to:

Mbed Cambridge Hackathon

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5 years, 6 months ago.


The Mbed Connect Cloud board was originally developed for developers attending Mbed Connect at TechCon in Santa Clara, CA a few weeks ago. It was used to demonstrate some of the key features of Mbed Cloud.

The Cambridge hackathon that you are referring to is using the Mbed Connect Cloud board to demonstrate traditional HTTP/MQTT calls to IFTTT and other sites. The material presented in that hackathon is not related to Mbed Connector or Mbed Cloud at all.

That said, the board definitely supports Mbed Cloud and Mbed Connector - it just won't be covered in that hackathon. Unfortunately, if you are not an alpha partner with Mbed Cloud, you will not be able to gain access to Mbed Cloud repositories or source code until Mbed Cloud becomes available to the general public. Mbed Cloud is available as a service from Arm Mbed, or you can host the cloud server on your own local server.

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