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Is there a library to host a gamepad on mbed?

Is there a library to host a gamepad on mbed?

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There is a good discussion (with example code and guides) on how to connect a mbed device to a USB gamepad located on this forum

In addition, we have XBOX 360 (wireless) example code and libraries on our components page

If you want to build your own controller out of joysticks and buttons, you can also find that on our components page. An example would be the Grove thumb joystick

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Thank you Michael, I found it very helpful

posted by Abdelhak Bougouffa 26 Nov 2017

It was pretty simple, I wrote a simple library using USBHost, I published it here https://os.mbed.com/users/abougouffa/code/USBHostGamepad/ And this is a usage example, https://os.mbed.com/users/abougouffa/code/mbed_gamepad_example/

posted by Abdelhak Bougouffa 20 Dec 2017