USB Joystick Device

USB HID Device that emulates a Gamecontroller

Hello World

Import programUSBJoystick_HelloWorld2

Demo for USBJoystick updated for 32 buttons.


Import libraryUSBJoystick

USBJoystick updated for 32 buttons and added wait-for-connect.



The USBJoystick interface is used to emulate a joystick (gamecontroller) over the USB port. You can send throttle, rudder, and X, Y co-ordinates as well as button and hatswitch states.

The USB connector should be attached to p31 (D+), p32 (D-) and GND on the LPC1768. You can also connect the USB power to VIN to power the mbed when connected.

See notebook for more information.

Note 5/1/17: Here is a link to an older (deprecated) version of this component.