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When is Support for IAR EWARM 8 Expected


I'm investigating RTOS for use in our next product. We currently use IAR EWARM 7 for development, I wish to move to IAR EWARM 8 with C++11/14 support for the next product. Any advice on timescales? I see there is a IAR EWARM 8 branch, if we adopt Mbed OS I'd be happy to start parallel developments on IAR EWARM 7 and IAR EWARM 8, how can I help support the port?



p.s. Sorry I entered a very minor defect report before finding the forums.

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Hi Gareth,

I'm glad to see that you're interested in IAR EWARM 8 and modern C++.

Any advice on timescales?

We plan to upgrade to IAR EWARM 8 by default for release 5.7.0, which we will release as 2017 comes to a close. We currently are not planning to upgrade to C++11/14.

how can I help support the port?

This is by far my favorite question to be asked!

We have several areas in the IAR EWARM 8 port that you could contribute to:

  • Update the IAR exporter to use the latest and greatest version of the project file
  • Use dynamic heap on all targets see https://github.com/armmbed/mbed-os/pull/4955 for some background
  • Change documentation around IAR versions

Please ask me questions! You may contact me in this thread (though I'm not the greatest at checking this site), through PM or on github (@theotherjimmy).

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