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Does the F030r8 support the x-nucleo iks1a2 sensor board.

Just bought the X-Nucleo sensor board (IKS01A2). Does the F030R8 support it or can it be used on it.

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Affordable and flexible platform to ease prototyping using a STM32F030R8T6 microcontroller.

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I would suggest looking at the pinout diagram and making sure the lins on the board line up with the pins on the shield. (uart matches UART, PWM matches PWM...etc) as needed.


All is connected as per instructions, however, the link below in the "Key Features" section of STMCube doesnt include support for F030R8


posted by Caoilte Donohoe 08 Nov 2017
3 years, 8 months ago.


Please have a look here: https://os.mbed.com/teams/ST/wiki/Matrix-of-tested-boards

This shield has been tested ok on the NUCLEO_F030R8.