1 year, 8 months ago.

xDot and Linux: Can't find serial port


  1. I have two modules, both of which are accessible on Windows over serial.
  2. I need to switch to running from Linux, specifically Ubuntu 14.04


  1. Linux does not give any serial port for the modules
  2. However, I see 2 XDOT drives when I plug in
  3. I am able to copy .bin files to the drives, but I also need to write commands to them over serial port


  1. I followed all the steps in the manual ( It says I should see ports at /dev/ttyACM* but I do not have that at all.
  2. I downloaded mbed-ls package ( It returns serial_port as "unknown" for each device, but platform name, platform name unique, mount point and target id are all listed
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