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Problem with FRDM K64F


I've just start my adventure with freescale microcontrollers and I have big problem. When I connect my K64F to PC everything is alright but a moment later the microcontroller disconnects and connects again. It happens irregular, sometimes it disconnects after 5 sec, other time after 30 sec. After reconnection the fail.txt file apears on the MBED "drive" and it says "TIMEOUT". But it is one of two of my problems. I have another problem with copying the .bin file to the MBED. I want to try the first program to blinking the LED but when I copied it to the MBED it disconnected again and after reconnection another fail.txt file apeared. This time it said "SWD ERROR". So at the moment I'm not able to do anything with my new FRDM K64F. What coul I do wrong? Maybe I need to install something on my PC. I tried this board on two different PCs with three different cables and there is always the same problem (TIMEOUT and SWD ERROR).

If someone can help I will be very grateful. It is extremely important to me to repair these issues.

Did u resolve the problem? how did u do it

posted by aasha Krishnan 12 Dec 2018
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