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SPI not functioning correctly

I am using the Nucleo board with the nRF24L01P chip library (found here: https://os.mbed.com/cookbook/nRF24L01-wireless-transceiver). If I use two mbed chips, the rf chips talk to each other just fine. When I try the same thing with the nucleo, the default settings are different and the correct tx and rx registers cant be found. I took some screen shots of the spi signals of both mbed and the nucleo and they appear different but I dont know how to fix that. The nrf library seems to instantiate the correct polarity and phase of the SPI but nothing works. I have posted the screen shots and my code below.




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Hey From your report, it's hard to tell whether issue comes from SPI or anywhere else. You'd need to instrument the library and see what fails. I don't have a nRF24L01P to test with. Can you share the first console logs of the working setup and the failing one ?

posted by Laurent Meunier 26 Oct 2017

The first console logs for the working setup: nRF24L01+ Frequency : 2402 MHz nRF24L01+ Output Power: 0 dBm nRF24L01+ Data Rate: 1000 kbps nRF24L01+ TX Address: 0xE7E7E7E7E7 nRF24L01+ RX Address: 0xE7E7E7E7E7

Console Log for failing setup: nRF24L01+ Frequency : 2400 MHz nRF24L01+ Output Power: -18 dBm nRF24L01+ Data Rate: 1000 kbps nRF24L01P: Unknown getTxAddress width value 0

The code throws an error after this last entry because it didnt find the correct TX address

posted by Vincent Ceyssens 29 Oct 2017
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