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NRF 52 DK AnalogOut not workin

on the NRF52 dk board there is analog pins (A0-A5)(P0.03, P0.04, P0.28, P0.29, P0.30, P0.31) but when using the mbed online compiler I cannot use the AnalogOut function getting the following error any advice will be greatly apprechiated Error: Identifier "AnalogOut" is undefined in "main.cpp"

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4 years ago.

Hi Movation,

We realize this is an extremely late reply, but I just came across your post while searching through the Community pages. The nRF52-DK doesn't have a DAC so the AnalogOut functions are not supported on this target. If you needed to drive an output, perhaps you were able to get by with the chip's PWM.


Ralph, Team Mbed