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HOW TO IMPORT MBED OS LIBRARY in mbed Online Compiler

When I click "import" and then click on the "libraries" tab, I get taken to the libraries search page, which is blank. Searching for the keyword "mbed" ( as per the instructions on the mbed OS 5 handbook , I am hit with 46 pages of search results:


Since the site is so slow, this would probably take a few hours just to sift through all the pages of search results.

Anyone know what the ACTUAL way to import the mbed os library into a project in the online compiler is (as opposed to the way described in the handbook, which clearly is not workable)?

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3 years, 11 months ago.

This doc is outdated. The best way is to use "import from URL" and use https://github.com/armmbed/mbed-os for the target URL.

Accepted Answer

If the doc is outdated, then how come it is still accessible and not labelled as outdated?

posted by Tom MacDonald 09 Oct 2017

Fair point. Though, the doc you linked is not accessible if you follow the documentation link in the banner of the website. The documentation in your link, and even in the new documentation, needs to be revisited for mbed OS vs the traditional mbed API. They are using an outdated method for importing the mbed library, as you have pointed out. It is an oversight that it was not updated. I will work to update the documentation. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for bringing this to my attention.

posted by Sarah Marsh 09 Oct 2017

Thanks for your help on this. I will strive to do a better job in navigating the site as well. I know that large projects like mbed can be hard to manage in terms of documentation so your efforts a much appreciated.

posted by Tom MacDonald 11 Oct 2017