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Building a LoRa network for reading scales

Hello Forum,

I live in NZ and I'm wanting to build scales that sends a weight reading across a private LoRa network and then to a dashboard. I'm using a private network as I live rural with no commercial LoRa services available.

I'm thinking the following components would make up the design for a prototype, do you think this would work?

Scales (using a load cell) > HX711 (amplifier) > MultiTech mDot EVB > LoRa gateway >LORIOT network server.

The HX711 requires GND, 5V and uses SDA and SDK pins for reading.

Can the MultiTech mDot EVB interface with HX711 no problem?

Regards Paul.

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3 years, 6 months ago.

You cannot with the EVB, as it does not have any pins broken out to add new sensors (unless you desolder the LCD). You want the EVK plus separate mDot module instead.

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