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vehicle CAN bus data monitoring

Dear community members, I am working on (Controller Area Network) analyzer for monitoring CAN bus on vehicles (not for diagnostics, just to see simple message frames with identifiers, etc.) with stm32f103rb MCU This is my code but I cant receive any frame in my Terminal usart, does anyone have any experience? I really appreciate it because of about 7 days stuck in and Im using (STM-P103 BOARDS) with KEIL IDE. Thank you very much.

There's no code in question, but do you see any data go over the line? Have you checked with a spectrum analyzer if there's anything going on?

posted by Jan Jongboom 27 Sep 2017

Dear friend, I cant share it in this page, I cant read CAN data .

posted by kevin kh 27 Sep 2017

I have an application reading OBD-II frames via the CAN bus. I started using simple published examples such as this one https://os.mbed.com/forum/news-announcements/topic/900/ A problem I encountered was that my CAN receive interrupt was only responding on the first frame. The fix is to ensure you undertake the CAN read in the interrupt routine in order to clear the interrupt. May be this is of help?

posted by Chris Mabey 17 Oct 2017
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