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HardFault Error and GPIO Pin reverse problem

Hi friends, I've got problems with STM32F0 series also same F1 now my real problem is getting a HardFault ,when I try to work with Nrf24l01.When process arrive this line "TM_NRF24L01_SetTxAddress(&hspi1, TxAddress);" getting HardFault ,I see it with debug.Also extra matter is HAL_GPIO_WritePin(...); working reverse ,why is it ? Everything seems good under the codes.I'm thinking about Hardfault related with stack maybe I dont know..I havent sloved it for a long time but now again I need it.Stm32f4 is Ok .No HardFault error.Same code ,same p /media/uploads/Zek_De/nrf24l01.rar rocess with stm32f4

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