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mdot wakeup by interrupt not working?

i have a multitech mdot with the "manual_example" from https://developer.mbed.org/teams/MultiTech/code/Dot-Examples/ (with libmDot-mbed5)

it send a message and goes to sleep: sleep_wake_rtc_or_interrupt(deep_sleep);

it does wakeup on the rtc alarm but i cannot get it to wakeup on the DIO7 (pin 9, PA11) as the log line (below) says.

the mdot is "older" and has worked with a previous version of the mdot lib

anybody any idea why it is not waking up? is it the older hardware or am i missing something?

thanks, frank

[INFO] sleeping 112s or until interrupt on DIO7 pin

well, we figured it out: first the numbering is confusing: dio7 is actually pin12 / pa0. also this pin is pulled-high on the usb dev board: connecting it to vdd does not give a rising edge. on a bare mdot it does work...

posted by frank boddeke 14 Sep 2017
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