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Are there software exemple for C030-N211 IoT Starter Kit ?


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The u-blox C030-N211 NB-IoT mbed-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) Starter Kit is a versatile development platform that allows quick prototyping of a variety of applications for low-power Internet of Things …

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Yes, we're just finalising the N211 Cellular Interface driver then example-ublox-cellular-interface, example-ublox-mbed-client and HelloMQTT will be updated to use it as an option (you will need to comment out the non-N2xx driver and comment in the N2xx driver). We will hopefully do this next week.

Accepted Answer

The N211 Cellular Interface drivers are now published (see here and here) and the three examples mentioned above have been update to add N2xx operation as an option.

posted by Rob Meades 14 Sep 2017

I import HelloMQTT but I don't found any notes for C030-N211; I import example-ublox-mbed-client but after Compile I have an error: Cannot opend source input file "cmsis_os2.h" Best regards Paolo Preioni

posted by Paolo Preioni 05 Oct 2017

@paolo: as discussed via private message, to use HelloMQTT with the C030-N211 you need to look at the notes inside easy-connect.h Make sure that "UbloxATCellularInterfaceExt" is commented out (in two places) and uncomment the equivalent N2xx lines. Ref. your compilation error with example-ublox-mbed-client, I cannot reproduce that here; if you could specify in more detail what steps you are taking we may be able to find out what's going wrong.

posted by Rob Meades 06 Oct 2017

I'm studying the HelloMQTT example for C030-N211: in the easy-connect there is a README.md but I don't found anything about this board: for example, how I set mbed_app.json? Best regards

posted by Paolo Preioni 12 Oct 2017

If you open easy-connect.h you will see the option CELLULAR_UBLOX (which is already set in mbed_app.json) and, in the section where that compilation switch is first used (lines 31 to 46) you will see the various lines for the various different forms of cellular interface (AT Ext, PPP, AT and AT N2xx); by default the AT Ext form is used. Since you have an N2xx board you need to ensure that the N2xx lines are the ones that are used and comment the other ones out.

posted by Rob Meades 13 Oct 2017