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Reduce even more with newlib-nano

The biggest reduction in flash/ram came from the linker flag "-specs=nano.specs".

Please include this in another post since it was really helpful for my project :)

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6 years, 8 months ago.

Hey, cool, thanks for that. Didn't realize that was possible. Will add it to the blog post.

Note: it is only possible when compiling with GCC and it seems that is not a thread safe lib (yet).

posted by John William 08 Sep 2017

When using ARMCC you can use the uARM target, which does something similar to newlib-nano in GCC. These stdlib's are not thread safe, nor will they ever be. They also have some other downsides, like changed behavior, some disabled language features and printf() behaving differently. This is a nice writeup. As the impact of switching to newlib-nano is thus bigger than the other options outlined in the blog post I'll write a new one about it in the near future, rather than adding it here.

posted by Jan Jongboom 25 Sep 2017