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Shift-Del Ctrl-Ins NOT WORKING in mbed IDE online with chrome (Editor keyboard shortcuts)

Re title, can anyone advise?

It says it SHOULD work in https://developer.mbed.org/handbook/Compiler-shortcuts-and-controls (under Misc).

Are there any Chrome setting that might help?

I have to move between several IDE's and this is driving me absolutely nuts (esp as Shift-Del just kindly deletes and you only find out when you go to paste it elsewhere that you have garbage in the clipboard. Nb: Ctrl-Ins (copy) works sometimes. Shift-Del never works.

I've started to use Ctr+Shift+D to duplicate a line, but of course no one else supports that...

Just a bit of configurability would be nice. :-) Another short cut seriously missing is Find Selected (usually ^F3) and the fact that when press Ctrl+F, it opens the Find dialog and instantly "takes off" searching for whatever was last in it, losing your place in the IDE. Nice IDE apart from that.

I've reported it internally. Thanks!

posted by Jan Jongboom 29 Aug 2017

Thanks Jan.

posted by L Ofaday 10 Sep 2017

This has now been fixed on develop branch. Will be visible during the next deploy of the Online Compiler (which I'm not sure when will be :-)).

posted by Jan Jongboom 21 Sep 2017

Thanks Jan. It dopes appear to be working now (will know more when I use it more :-).

posted by L Ofaday 26 Sep 2017
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