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two mbeds with optical link

I am using AFBR-5803TZ to connect two mbeds via T+ T- D+ D- , which as far as I know is Ethernet connection. I was wondering if there is an example code for connecting two mbeds via Ethernet, and if anyone had worked with AFBR-5803TZ module or any thing similar. Thanks

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Short version : It's not going to work.

Those parts take a digital differential signal as their inputs.

The LPC1768 Ethernet Tx and Rx pairs are the output of a 100Base-T Phy and are intended to be transformer coupled to a twisted pair cable. As required by the wired Ethernet standard they use 3 different signal levels not a digital differential signal.

Ethernet over fiber uses a different Phy chip (100Base-Fx) which would then connect to the modules you have. Connecting such a part to the mbed would not be straightforward.

Do you need ethernet or would any type of data link work? Does it need to be an optical link?

Many thanks for your answer,I saw in one post before that if you change the resistors you can use it. (https://developer.mbed.org/questions/7013/Avago-fiber-optic-transceiver-mbed-LPC17/) Yes I need to use the optical BTW is there any sample code that I connect two mbed with Ethernet, I just want to wire them directly and test it

posted by Hassan Elahi 25 Aug 2017

Also the link does not need to be through Ethernet pins any optical link is fine (like serial but I could not find any module for that)

posted by Hassan Elahi 25 Aug 2017