3 years, 11 months ago.

FRDM-K64F MBED Initialization Issue - AT + CPIN ERROR

Hello, Good Morning. I get the following error when I run through all the initial steps in the ATT Getting Started PDF including running the BIN file. It appears on further research the issue could be due to not securing the SIM or unlocking it, but not sure how to proceed on fixing it. Any help would be appreciated. -- software_ini-> Send: <<AT+CSQ>> CSQ+CSQ: 99,99OK] Send: <<AT+CPIN?>> [AT+CPIN?ERROR] -- software_init_mdm! -> Send: <<T+CSQ>> [AT+CSQ+CSQ: 99,99OK] Send: <AT+CPIN?>> [AT+CPIN?ERROR] -- software_init_mdm! -> Thanks, Krishna

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