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anyone know the Reference for 40-pin 0.1" pitch DIP package, 54x26mm socket

Hello Everyone, I have bought recently LPC1768 inorder to make new prototype but i am not bale to find the proper board to board DIP socket with dimensions ranging 2.54 mm pitch and 54x26mm dimensions so i request can anyone help me to suggest some references to find the correct board to board dip sockets

thank you prabhu

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I am not sure there is anything that we'd consider a "proper socket". For most boards I have made for the LPC1768 to pug into, i simply use 20 way 0.1" pitch connectors, and lay them down 0.9" apart.

This sort of thing :


For development boards, I use dual row headers,so that we have sockets, i can plug flying wires into, as per the mbed Application board.



Hope this helps.

Cheers, Chris

Hello Chris, Thank you so much for your answer i have chosen something like this


I have kept 1"(25.4mm) from centre to centre between the connectors could you please confirm will my placement for the connectors are good

I am using MBED NXP LPC1768 Developpement board Thank you prabhu

posted by prabhu durai 10 Aug 2017