2 years, 11 months ago.

What are mbed files that contain pin external interrupt config? (only PB_3,4,5,PC_13 work for me)


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2 years, 11 months ago.

You can use external interrupt on all pins. The MCU has 16 EXTI channels and it can handle one pin on one channel. So if you set PA_0 as interrupt in, you can not set PB_0, because these are on the same channel (0). https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36438879/multiple-interrupts-on-the-same-exti-line-stm32

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Thank you Mark, I've tried that before e.g. PH_0 alone then PH_1 etc, did not work for me except for those pins mentioned in my question.

posted by kaled saleh 03 Aug 2017

Have you read the Nucleo board's documentation? PH_0 and PH_1 are for clock in and out.


I have checked EXTI on a few other pins: PB_8, PB_9, PA_9, PA_8, PC_2, PC_3, and it worked.

posted by Mark Peter Vargha 03 Aug 2017

Thank you for pointing out what I've missed (PH_0,PH_1). I've a problem with PB-8 etc but I think you've answered my question fully and I am starting all over again to understand why this pins are not working on my board. Much appreciated.

posted by kaled saleh 03 Aug 2017