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Maximum Output Current from mbed DAC


Does anyone know what the maximum output current is to the analogOut pin of the LPC1768 microcontroller? I've looked in the data sheet and it does not state explicitly, but I've read elsewhere its around 4mA. Further, If this was not enough and I needed to source more current (18mA) how would one suggest this be possibly implemented?



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3 years, 2 months ago.

Well if you want more current you need to add a buffer amplifier.

One possibility might be the MCP601 operational amplifier. It would need to be powered from 5V NOT 3.3V as the input range doesn't extend right to the positive supply, but does extend to ground. Pin connections

  • VDD +5v
  • VSS ground
  • VIN+ analogout
  • VIN- to VOUT
  • VOUT is the output voltage