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debugging mbed


i'd really like to work with mbed but there is no possibility to debug the mbed program, i have tested:

embitz (windows)

system workbench (osx and windows)

eclipse neon 3 (osx and windows)

all 3 exports do fail, eclipse exports mainly fail to execute "make" (i have cmake installed), embitz fails when trying to link.

mbed toolchain GCC_ARM

mbed target DISCO_L476VG

mbed compile -c -t GCC_ARM -m DISCO_L476VG build=./Debug

mbed export ide sw4stm32

mbed export ide embitz

mbed export ide gnuarmeclipse

the prefered way to build with the mbed cli and debug de elf file does also not work, when opening the .elf file generated by the cli, there is no linkage to the source files to know where the application is:

segger ozone (.elf file)

my guess is that arm keil would work best, but there is no free version.

i cant believe that such a great system wont let you debug.

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I have been using System Workbench with that same Disco Board. It works fine once you get the project all setup. But yes, the export never seems to work right. Keil is the only export I have used that has worked without any trouble. For me, the Embitz export seemed to work quite well but I ran into an issue with the STLink driver for debugging and could never get something working.

I would recommend putting in the effort to learn to setup the project in System Workbench. I have made some notes on creating a new mbed project for System Workbench using mbed-cli. Maybe these can help.

hello graham thanks for the guide! sw would be a great tool. i havent gotten any project running yet. would you share a project you made with sw4stm32 with the l476-disco board?

posted by jibba jibba 29 Jul 2017

You can give this a try. Seems to work for me, but it is still possible there are some path dependencies that might not be set right for your machine.

Obviously just open git bash and do a :

git clone
posted by Graham S. 29 Jul 2017

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