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MBED compiler report error with this (macros I think):

  1. define SYSAHBCLKCTRL (*(volatile unsigned long *)(0x4004 8080)) bit 13 enable clock crc
  2. define CRC_MODE (*(volatile unsigned long *)(0x5000 0000))
  3. define CRC_SEED (*(volatile unsigned long *)(0x5000 0004))
  4. define CRC_SUM (*(volatile unsigned long *)(0x5000 0008))
  5. define CRC_WR_DATA (*(volatile unsigned long *)(0x5000 000C))

Well, I would to test using CRC engine direct input data in this registers. Some suggestion about alternatives ? Tks

Hi Renato, In order to better assist you, can you please edit your post and wrap your error report with <<code>> <</code>> tags (for readability)?

Thanks! - Jenny

posted by Jenny Plunkett 18 Jul 2017

May be macros would be predefined. I used pointers to registers now. Thanks

posted by Renato Ferreira 18 Jul 2017
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