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LoRaWAN-demo-72 missing rx frames


I connected SX1272MB2xAS to Nucleo-L152RE. Programmed STM32L152 with LoRaWAN-demo-72 changing connection parameters. I tried to connect to gateway with OTAA unsuccessfully then switched to ABP and my Lorank gateway see "gwmsgs" frames. Frames look identically like this from RN2483 device (both connected). But in applicaton in Loriot (LoraWan server) there is no "rx" frames from SX1272MB2xAS. Only "txd". Loriot see the frames but not display them at all. Only display "txd". On RN2483 with Loriot there is no problem. So I think that frames from SX1272MB2xAS could be damaged. I send one from Lorank gateway: Jul 14 12:04:37 lorank8 lorank8v1[311]: JSON up: {"cmd":"gwmsgs","messages":[{"tmst":3715196020,"time":"2017-07-14T12:04:30.304583Z","freq":867700000,"rssi":-89,"snr":2.2,"sf":12,"bw":125,"cr":"4/5","mic":"94C5731D","mt":4,"devaddr":"12345678","fctrl":128,"fcnt":0,"port":15,"toa":1318,"len":19,"data":"gHhWNBKAAAAPOcI040Tx"}]} Jul 14 12:04:37 lorank8 lorank8v1[311]: {"cmd":"rxack","tmst":[3715196020]} Jul 14 12:04:37 lorank8 lorank8v1[311]: {"cmd":"txpk","tmst":3716196020,"freq":867700000,"rfch":0,"powe":14,"modu":"LORA","ipol":true,"datr":"SF12BW125","size":13,"data":"oHhWNBKhRAUGn3KAOg=="}

In differences to RN2483 I saw that fcnt is always 0. But it can cause that SX1272MB2xAS connected by ABP and RN2483 connected by OTAA. I do not know that?

Why I can not connect over OTAA? Why server do not see "rx" frames? Do i make bad settings for SX1272MB2xAS? What could be the reason of that behaviour?

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