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How to create custom Symbols?

Hello everyone

I've got a question about creating custom Symbols for the HD44780 Displays. I'm currently using the W162B-N3LW (from Electronic Assembly) which allows custom Symbols. I've seen, that it's possible to create and add symbols to the lcd display. But I don't seem to quite understand how this is done. Of what I've understood with other libraries, you need to create an array which contains the Symbol and additionally the symbol position from the LCD. I've tried it and can't seem to display anything (well, except for the letters). What is the process to create such letter.

PS to the creator: Is it possible to display code inside the docu file inside the library? -> if yes, would be really helpful if you could add tiny snipplets of code to the corresponding functions.

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Hello Joel,
Have a look at Wim Huiskamp's wonderful notebook page TextLCD Enhanced. I think the section User Defined Characters explains what you are looking for. He published also an example program using his enhanced TextLCD library.

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Thank you so much, helped alot

posted by Joel von Rotz 14 Jul 2017