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Copy file from SD card on my PC using ♥mbed

Hi Guys!

I would like to ask how to copy a text file from the SDcard using program on mbed. Is it possible? I use SD card (connected with mbed) to store some data and from time to time I would like to send those data on my PC.

Hi, I'm sorry I don't have the answer to your question, but I have an other question for you. How do you use a SD card with your board ? More precisely : - which library do you use ? (I don't have any SD card library in the library build mbed in my projects) - and how do you cable it with your board then ? (Did you use a schematic ?) I personnally use the STM32F746ZG board. Thanks, Cécile

posted by Cécile Rapoutet 18 Jul 2017
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