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How to connect mbed to LabView via ethernet

Hi, I am trying to send and receive single bytes of data to LabView using my mbed. I've looked at the libraries for ethernet interface, however they seem to only connect to http, and I am unsure how to go about connecting to LabView. I have tried using DHCP to assign my mbed an address, but an issue with eth.getIPAddress isn't letting me print it to Tera Term via serial. I then tried statically assigning my mbed an IP address, and tried pinging it using cmd. This returns "request timed out". I have conncted my mbed to ethernet via a network bridge from the university wifi. Basically, I have at one point connected my mbed via ethernet and received data using a program imported from the library, however, I struggle to see how I can change this code to communicate with LabView. Do I need to define both TCP server and TCP client? These program seem to only define either/or.

Any general assistance would be appreciated, as I understand this is quite broad.


EDIT: I've realised that the issue is i'm not wanting to use ethernet to connect to the internet, but transfer data from the mbed to the PC. Something similar to this that I've just discovered https://developer.mbed.org/questions/5238/Ethernet-for-high-speed-data-transfer-NO/. But for LabView.