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undefinde identifier

Dear forum users when I run the simpel display code ( to run the smily exampel) I get teh folowing error :

Error: Identifier "p13" is undefined in "microbit/microbit-dal/inc/drivers/MicroBitMatrixMaps.h", Line: 155, Col: 6 Error: Identifier "p4" is undefined in "microbit/microbit-dal/inc/drivers/MicroBitMatrixMaps.h", Line: 156, Col: 6

Doe's some one know where the problem lies?

With best regards Ben

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The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized, codable computer that allows anyone to get creative with technology. Made possible through a major partnership with 31 organisations, a micro:bit has been given ...

Try P13 not p13

posted by Andy A 10 Jul 2017
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Hi Ben,

If you are using the Online Compiler, please check to make sure you are compiling for the correct target board (the BBC micro:bit). You can change your target board by clicking on the board shown on the top right hand corner of the Online Compiler page.


When you click on the current Target Platform image a pop-up called "Select a Platform" should be displayed. Select the micro:bit image then click the green "Select Platform" checkmark.


If you don't have the micro:bit as a registered platform, you can add it to your online compiler by selecting the "Add Platform" button.

Please let me know if this solves your errors and if you need any further assistance!

- Jenny

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