3 years ago.

No response from mbed [St nucleo - Matlab]

Hi all,

I'm having trouble to get my ST Nucleo F401RE talk to MATLAB. I've installed the ST Link v2 driver, so my device is recognizable, as it shows up in the device manager (Windows 7 64 bit). When I make a small program with the online mbed compiler, I can download the program and upload it to my Nucleo and it works fine.

Now I want to connect my board to Matlab so I can build a program with Simulink. I've downloaded the RPC class for Matlab, as described here: https://developer.mbed.org/cookbook/Interfacing-with-Matlab

When I try to connect my board to Matlab with the following code

mymbed = mbed.SerialRPC('COM5', 9600);

Then I get the following error:

Error using mbed.SerialRPC (line 94)
No response from mbed - check it is plugged in and you are using the correct serial port

Although the Nucleo is plugged in and I am using the correct COM port.... The baud rate is set correct and so are the other parameters (parity, databits and stopbits)

Any ideas how to solve this? I've already tried different USB ports, another PC and different versions of Matlab (2016b and 2017a).

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