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Parallel port or something else to drive Noritake Graphic VFD display?

Hi everyone!

I am looking for solution to drive in a fast a flexible way a Noritake GU256X128C-3900B VFD graphical display. I want to be able to draw lines and shapes as well as text and update information quickly. But this upper level functionality is not a problem.

Looking at the specs the display board offers a parallel port for its fast "Graphics DMA" mode but also the RS232. http://www.noritake-itron.com/Specs/GU3000/GU256x128c-3xxxhard_e00-j7.pdf Maybe someone with experience could chime in and tell what hardware and library required? Level shifters obviously, anything else?


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This might help: http://mbed.org/users/nxp_ip/notebook/parallel-bus-access/

Quickly looking through that document it is an 8-bit wide bus. The mbed does have 8 GPIO pins that are besides each other in the same port, but they aren't besides each other in the mbed package.

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