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Parallel port or something else to drive Noritake Graphic VFD display?

Hi everyone!

I am looking for solution to drive in a fast a flexible way a Noritake GU256X128C-3900B VFD graphical display. I want to be able to draw lines and shapes as well as text and update information quickly. But this upper level functionality is not a problem.

Looking at the specs the display board offers a parallel port for its fast "Graphics DMA" mode but also the RS232. Maybe someone with experience could chime in and tell what hardware and library required? Level shifters obviously, anything else?


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6 years, 4 months ago.

This might help:

Quickly looking through that document it is an 8-bit wide bus. The mbed does have 8 GPIO pins that are besides each other in the same port, but they aren't besides each other in the mbed package.