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FlashIAP.h problem

hi, My board is DISCO-F469NI. I want to use internal flash to record variables. Firstly, I called the flash class like this; FlashIAP my_flash;

but compiler gave error. Then I realized that I must change mbed library. I imported mbed-dev to the project and changed "mbed-dev/targets/targets.json" file. I added "FLASH" to "device has" line of related code fragment. Now, no problem with "FlashIAP my_flash" but I get an another error: "Error: Incomplete type is not allowed in "mbed-dev/drivers/FlashIAP.h", Line: 128, Col: 14"

Error is at line " flash_t _flash; " of FlashIAP.h file.

How can I fix this error or where do I make a mistake?

It doesn't look like the DISCO-F469 has the driver implemented for this.

posted by Sam Grove 29 Jun 2017

1 Answer

4 years, 11 months ago.

in mbed/hal/flash_api.h