6 years, 3 months ago.

DFU bootloader for LPCXpresso 1549

Hi all, I am trying to program the 'Drag & Drop' programmer in my LPC1549 board.

I have downloaded the programmer, an ran it (from a dos prompt ??)

but it is still ticking away, filling the dos box with dots, It has been doing this for >30 minuets !!!!

the .bin file is only a 38K,

even at 9600 Baud (serial) that could be sent in just under a minuet !!!


Found out what is wrong !!

It is a windows permission issue,

I was trying to install and run the program on a WORK PC.

without full Admin rights.

Tried 4 PC's, in work, same result.

Took board home, and on second attempt, it worked on my sons laptop !?!?!?!?

posted by ceri clatworthy 21 Jun 2017
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