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Online compiler errors for program: "example-ublox-at-cellular-interface-ext"

The following files seems missing in library:

Cannot Open source input file: #include "ublox_modem_driver/UbloxATCellularInterface.h"

Cannot Open source input file: #include "ublox_modem_driver/UbloxCellularBase.h"

Where i can find them?

Thank for your help!

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Development team for u-blox positioning and wireless products

FYI, ARM have changed the way they want us to deal with our libraries so things will be broken while I re-jig everything. I’ll let you know when things should work again.

posted by Rob Meades 12 Jun 2017

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Hi there. ARM have not yet merged these libraries into mbed-os, see https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/pull/4337. This is intended to be complete for mbed-os 5.5.0 which is due out this month, but we're still arguing. In the interim you could use my pull request branch instead: https://github.com/u-blox/mbed-os/tree/cellular_feature_br_ublox_pr1.

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