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Problem in compiling the code after exporting to arm mdk5

I am using stm32f746 discovery board as the target platform.I was trying to compile an example LCD code after exporting it to arm mdk 5.It says that the LCD_DISCO_F746NG.h file is not present but I have added the library files.Code gets compiled when am using online compiler and works fine on the platform.What could be the issue ?

If compiler can't find a file that's usually an indication of issue with include paths.

Options for Target -> C/C++ -> Include Paths

"LCD_DISCO_F746NG.h" must be related to a particular application. This is not part of mbed source library. This must be from starting a new project and choosing the Disco LCD Demo option?

Under Manage Project items, make sure the folders and all items (including subfolders) in them are added: LCD_DISCO_F746NG BSP_DISCO_F746NG

And make sure all subfolders appear under the include paths.

posted by Graham S. 06 Jun 2017
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