3 years ago.

mbed OS source code for RTX-RTOS 1


Question #1 Where I can download or view online code mBed OS C++ wrapper for CMSIS-RTOS 1.

Most of the code I download is wrapper for Free RTOS and IWIP stack.

Question # 2 When mBed OS C++ wrapper for CMSIS-RTOS 2 will be ready. ARM is going to release C++ 11 and 14 as well for CMSIS-RTOS 2

I need to TCP and UDP socket classes implementation which wrap CMSSIS RTOS apis.

Thanks, Naeem

1 Answer

3 years ago.

1. The code is here. F.e. TCP Socket class is implemented here.

2. RTX 2 is work in progress, not sure when it is done. Asking this question on the mbed-os repository will probably yield a quicker response.