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bBlox C027: Error: Identifier "TCPSocketConnection" is undefined in "MQTT/MQTTSocket.h"


I am trying to use mbed-os library in my project to create Threads which are defined in rtos.h file. When I compile the project I get the below error "Error: Identifier "TCPSocketConnection" is undefined in "MQTT/MQTTSocket.h", Line: 35, Col: 6".

The source header TCPSocketConnection.h is available in "C027_Support/Socket" path and is included in the project. But I still get the error.

Why I am getting this error?

Regards, Ashoka

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Hi, you might want to try my ported library it works up to OS 5.4, if you want to use newer OS you need to use new library by ublox but you will soon run out of RAM (the example fits) because it was primarily written from C030 which has a lot of RAM available.

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