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bBlox C027: Error: Identifier "TCPSocketConnection" is undefined in "MQTT/MQTTSocket.h"


I am trying to use mbed-os library in my project to create Threads which are defined in rtos.h file. When I compile the project I get the below error "Error: Identifier "TCPSocketConnection" is undefined in "MQTT/MQTTSocket.h", Line: 35, Col: 6".

The source header TCPSocketConnection.h is available in "C027_Support/Socket" path and is included in the project. But I still get the error.

Why I am getting this error?

Regards, Ashoka

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Hi, you might want to try my ported library https://developer.mbed.org/users/pilotak/code/C027_Support/ it works up to OS 5.4, if you want to use newer OS you need to use new library by ublox https://developer.mbed.org/teams/ublox/code/HelloMQTT/ but you will soon run out of RAM (the example fits) because it was primarily written from C030 which has a lot of RAM available.

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